What we do

CODEpliance Compliance Monitoring solution is designed to provide real-time status updates of passive fire protection installations for any location, type, or installer.

This system provides a single point of information access to owners, insurers, and Code Enforcement to review:

Locations – the type of passive fire protection installed at each site (flame retardant, fireproofing, intumescent) and specific area or item protected

History – product, installer, hourly or class of fire rating – for reporting and maintenance, patching or repair

Inspections– previous and current success or failure points

Lifecycle – dates of install, expiration, and recertification or reapplication

Notifications – email or mobile reminders of upcoming action for budgeting and scheduling

Documentation Management – concise snapshot reports of individual or multiple properties for submitting to insurers or inspectors


Benefits of Monitored Compliance for Property Owners and Inspectors (Patent Pending)

Single report - all items and properties
  • Up-to-date information - owners, insurers, AHJs
  • Prepare for Inspections
  • Address potential problem areas
  • Download to pdf, Excel, or send direct via email
Proactive Notifications
  • Advance notice of impending expirations
  • Budget for maintenance or re-certification
  • Choose email, text, or phone notification bar
Scan Bar-Code or enter Reg # for real-time information
  • Fireproofing Life-Cycle Assessment
    • Quality Control/Quality Assurance of application
    • View Applicator, Product, and Certification information
    • Review previous inspection notes
  • Code Enforcement (AHJ):
    • Quickly conduct point inspections
    • Easily identify out-of-code items
    • Deliver pass/fail ratings with detailed notes

All devices - smart phone, tablet, or computer
  • Clean Dashboard View
  • Contact, property, and location information
  • List of all assets - fireproofed or FR-treated
    • Red/Yellow/Green status indicator
    • Dates for re-inspection
    • Click to scan bar-code or enter registration number
Proprietary labeling for instant evaluation
  • Tamper-proof material
  • Water-Reactive
    • Red - exposure to water or washing
    • Field test and/or re-apply
  • Chemical-Reactive
    • "VOID" - exposure to cleaning solvent or tampering
    • Field test and/or re-apply