About Us

CODEpliance, Inc. was established to focus on the fireproofing needs of residential and commercial owners, and provide services that support AHJ’s and business owners in managing fire code compliance.  Specifically, this approach combines (1) the best available fireproofing products with (2) innovative compliance monitoring tools and (3) specialized maintenance services, to ensure consistent fire prevention properties.

For each request, a program is tailored to create a seamless and comprehensive solution that consistently delivers results.  The core services are:

  • On-Site, Non-Toxic Flame Retardant Treatment
  • Fire Code Compliance Support
  • Documentation Management for Customers and Code Enforcement
  • Cleaning and Maintenance Programs

CODEpliance services are designed for private residents as well as commercial locations falling under the Fire Codes for “Places of Assembly (>49 people),” with examples such as restaurants, nightclubs, entertainment venues , colleges/universities, hotels, public buildings, assisted living facilities, funeral homes, and others.

Following a treatment, the ensuing challenge to both facility management and authorities is tracking and maintaining the records associated with a location’s compliance.

With CODEpliance, all supporting documentation is managed remotely and readily available to authorized Customers and Code Enforcement teams.

These services combined provide Business Owners the confidence that their location’s safety and aesthetic upkeep is professionally monitored and local Code Enforcement Teams the assurance everything is in order and ready for approval.